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Who We Are

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Michigan Condo Organization

We are a membership organization for condominium associations, condominium owners, and businesses that provide services to condominium owners in Michigan. Our organization provides resources and training to assist our members with their condominium association governance. Through our advocacy, training clinics and online platforms, we hope to be the primary resource and foremost leader in the Michigan condominium community.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the ownership and management of condominiums, increase interest in condominium ownership, and to be the best resource for condominiums in the State of Michigan. Condominiums are developments in which individuals have exclusive ownership rights to their unit and the right to share the common elements of the development with other co-owners.

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Work and Live

We are passionate about condominiums! Our team members not only work with them, but they live in them as well. With years of experience in owning, managing and assisting Michigan condominiums, it is hard to find a better information source for your condominium needs.